Our mission is to deliver powerful and flexible, fully-customizable software applications for a wide range of supported devices with the option for complete cloud integration and on-the-go system management and support


Optimization, digitalization, comprehensive business agility and flexibility. Achieve complete process overhaul and facilitate all internal process management via the use of our comprehensive innovative solutions


Our partnerships with leading Indonesian IT companies enabled us to diversify our team, products and processes, while understanding better our customers’ needs, based on departments, industries and geographical location


all of our clients are protected by non-disclosure agreements, open-source code for ease of applications development, and industrial grade encryption. All system data is encrypted and backed up to ensure no loss of vital information


DigiNext is striving for excellence in creating long-term intelligent platforms, that could be further customized with infinite applications development, to achieve all-inclusive business management eco system

Corporate Responsibility

We are dedicated to increase our team’s global cultural awareness, while sensitizing them on the environmental impacts. Optimizing processes and reducing resource usage while augmenting productivity

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Our Skills

DigiNext specializes in built-in high-level software development in the following programming languages:





Our Services

DigiNext is responsible for the delivery of advanced software solutions in the field of:

Scalable Server Systems

Developing Scalable High Performance Server System: Featuring scalable multithreaded software code turned for highest performance to fulfill customer requirement

API Design & Architecture

API Design and Architecting for exotic & legacy computer architecture: Design and architecting to expose exotic or legacy computer architecture

Debugging & Performance Analysis

Provide tightly integrated debugging and performance analysis tools in the code optional telemetry in the product

Back-end Integration

Designing back-end integration for Mobile application and IoT device for massive consumer scenario

IT Consultancy

Consultancy in SEA market penetration and IT product cycle and implementation

Education & Profiling

Development and maintenance of IT education and skills-testing platforms

Our Partners

DigiNext is establishing solid partnerships with key players and innovative startup companies within the South-east Asian market to guarantee sustainable long-term business development and responsive products diversification


Innovative Technology
  • Innovative Technology company dedicated to the development of advanced software platforms and solutions for business process digitalization


Legacy Systems
  • High capacity, entirely scalable gateway that creates the opportunity to interconnect legacy systems with the digital world for impactful data transactions

Our Works

• E-learning system for massive online course based on EDX platform
• High performance API for massive messaging based transaction
• Scalable micro service engine for business automation
• Back end integration for legacy system and exotic computer architecture
• Messaging system for high capacity back end system for mobile and web application

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Our Accomplishments

DigiNext prides itself with its team, valued customers and the following accomplishments to date:


Lines of Code written


Years of Experience


Successful partnerships

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